Monday, May 14, 2012

Why I Love My Gays...

The answer is really very simple.  Because they are who they are.  And I don't mean because they are gay.  I love them for different reasons, because they are all very different people who happen to be gay or lesbian...

I met CA in middle school.  She was the very first friend I made after I moved to a new town.  We were inseparable.  We tried out for cheer leading together (she made it, I didn't) and never stopped being friends even though I fell in with the "geek crowd" while she was wildly popular.  To this day we support each other within prayer groups, text message conversations, and have shared a few tragedies.  She is witty, and beautiful and has every item on the list to be voted "most popular" even 15 years out of high school!

I met LHJ twenty years ago.  She is the type of person who always has a smile plastered on her face.  You won't find it surprising, she was a cheerleader.  She is always happy and positive and the best part is, her bright and sunny disposition is always so infectious.  You can not spend more than five minutes with her without feeling like you had been wrapped up tight in happiness and light.  She is twenty years older now, but still has that wonderfully optimistic attitude that makes anyone around her feel lucky to know her.

I met CCJ eight years ago through my wedding planning.  He is so creative and talented.  He is the sweetest Southern Gentleman I have ever met.  He has the manners of an old Christian Grandma and a heart bigger than our country.  He genuinely loves people and being around people.  He is extremely supportive of his close friends and family and has a sense of humor that could put Tracy Morgan to shame.  I am honored to know him because he is loving and respectful and just as dignified as Jackie O'Nassis.

I met KS at a job several years ago.  And we hit it off immediately.  We fought like siblings and were just as close some days.  He was amazing to be around.  He had a way of making you feel like the only person in the room because he listened intently and respected everything you were saying.  He was an old southern boy with impeccable morals.  And he wasn't afraid to tell his friends when they were doing something completely stupid.  He had integrity.

No, I don't love these people because they are gay/lesbian.  I love them because they are people.  I love them because they are my friends.  I love them.  And they love me and I am lucky as hell to have friends like these.  I love them because they are People.  People who hurt, laugh, smile, fail. succeed, and LOVE.  They love their partners.  They love their children.  And in America, the land of the free, they cannot legally get married in their home state.  What a shame.  I am lucky to know all of these people; but I ashamed most days because while I am sitting here sharing a glass of wine with my husband, who I can make medical decisions for, enjoy benefits with and legally co-parent a child, my friends cannot.  What a shame.

Did you know interracial marriage was illegal as late as the 1960's?  How completely stupid does that seem now??

Get with it people.

The Gay/Lesbian Loving Runner/Writer/Mommy/Wife

P.S. Tim, Rob, Bryan, Kevin, Kerri, and all my other friends, I didnt leave you out!  I just need to go to bed and thought I got my point across just fine!

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  1. are you saying I am gay? haha... I got your point! Well said.