Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beginners Cooking: Tilapia and Quinoa

I started on a journey a couple weeks ago.  I have decided to teach myself to cook.  I have zero cooking skills and have been intimidated by that hot appliance called a range for some time.  So far I have made tilapia, salmon, scallops, and seared tuna steaks.  Its coming pretty easy.  I do have to concentrate and wait for the wine sips at mealtime, but oh well.  I am learning something.  Tonight I made this recipe from the domestic goddess herself, Martha Stewart.

I am really trying to make only healthy food, even though I'm deeply routed in the south.  My grandmother was a great cook and fried pretty much everything.  Even her girdles once she was done wearing them.  Just kidding.

This meal was great.  And even better served with Beringer Chardonnay.

Happy Eating!

...and running.


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