Monday, September 23, 2013

Community Service

I had a brief conversation with an old friend this morning about serving.  It was a few words we exchanged on the subject, what we are both passionate about, but I've been thinking about this conversation all morning. 

I told him I felt God calling me to serve, but really other than that, why do I do it?  What leads me to choose certain things over others and why do I want to serve full time rather than just get a job?

First and foremost, I say, "You don't ignore the call when God Himself calls on you for something."  I spent too many years punishing myself for bad choices and completely trashed my relationship with God during that time.  Four years and ten months ago, something happened to me that totally changed my life.  And my relationship with God.  He brought me my son, WA.  It was then that I knew he loved me and even though I did not feel it for a lot of years, I was worth something.  It is a horrible feeling to feel so low that you're convinced no one cares for you or loves you.  He moved something in me that changed all that.  Which brings me to the main reason I love to serve.  People deserve love, respect, and care.

Everyone is worth something.  Everyone is worth love from their family and peers.  Some are lost in depression, some are lost in addiction, or sadly both.  For some, they have do not have family or a support system to get through life.  Let's face it, life can be tough.  I want to be there for those people.  It saddens me that people can get to a point so low they do not feel love.  I want them to know, I love them.  I want them to know I support them.

I serve because even though I was unhappy for many years, I was born into a position that afforded me many opportunities in life.  I am educated, I am able bodied, and I have drive and determination that were born of my struggles.  I want to lift those people up that were born to a disadvantage.  Its my responsibility as a human, quite frankly, and I mean to make good on the talents and skills God gave me.

I serve to provide an example to my son.  Many of you know my son was named William Alexander.  His name literally translates in meaning to "For The People" (William) and "Warrior" (Alexander).  His birthmother and I chose those names, not together and not at the same time.  I don't think it was a coincidence, but divine intervention, that he was given those names.  I drag him with me to every community service project I undertake so I can instill in him the same passion I feel for my fellow man.  We have a responsibility to care for each other because its what sets us apart from animals.  When our children are born with physically deformities, do we chew them off like dogs?  When our children are born with mental incapability, do we smother them?  No.  I want my child to know it is very important to not only take care of yourself and your family, but your community.

Lastly, and the most simple reason I serve, is because it makes me genuinely happy.  And I am blessed with the ability to NOT work so I want to give back.  It doesn't always cost us money to serve, and you can spend very few minutes giving back to your community.  I promise, its the best way to lift your mood.  So...

How will you serve?



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