Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Wish For My Son...

I love my son with every breath I take.  That sounds cliche, but its true.  I imagine it is hard for any mother to put into words how much she loves her son (or her daughter).  I don't think there are enough words in written language to adequately express how much WA means to me.  I want the world for him but I will settle for these precious things:

I wish for him to find a wife (or husband) that will love everything about him and see what I see, when I look into his eyes and his smile and his heart.  I want her (or him) to honor and cherish him and take care of him when I will no longer be able to.  I want him to find a woman (or man) that he loves so deeply that he can spend the rest of his life happy and satisfied in that person's arms, and heart.

I want him to serve his community.  I wish for him a compassion so large that it moves him to change the injustices of the world, but not so large it crushes his spirit.  I wish for him a loving heart and an intelligent mind to create positive changes for humanity in his daily life. 

I wish for him a great and meaningful relationship with God.  I wish for him an internal light that burns bright and will never be extinguished by the evils of his fellow man.

I want my son to know I love him.


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