Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Incredible Thing Happened...

I don't know if I am going to be able to do this story justice in my own words, but I have to try.  I witnessed something so incredible and so humbling today.

I am a member of an online "yard sale" type group on Facebook.  It is basically 800+ moms and/or women (and some men) in the community I live in, who post stuff for sale and sometimes "in search of" items.  It is a great way for stay at home moms to make money or people on a budget to find a gently used item they really want but cannot afford to buy new.  Anyway, one single post garnered hundreds of comments.  It was a single mother, with another baby on the way, who had just signed a lease on an apartment.  She had never had her own home before.  She simply asked for any items that would make a house a home.  She literally did not have a "pot" (to piss in) and was looking for everything and anything from silverware and plates to a bed.  Within 48 hours, dozens of women were offering items she could use.  I had some things and the leaders of the group organized a meetup.  This is the incredible part, ya'll.  I got to the meeting place a little early and within minutes of the appointed time, DOZENS and DOZENS of minivans descended on that empty parking lot like vultures on a deer carcass (not a great metaphor but you get the idea!) with diapers, toilet paper, furniture, formula, blankets, towels, small appliances, clothes, food, etc.
It was humbling, amazing, incredible.  It was like witnessing God right there in my community with his angels.  It gave me chills and I cried tears of joy.  I can't believe I share space with these amazing women.  I was so proud to be a small part of such an amazing moment.

And it all happened because of a single, simple Facebook post.  Makes you realize that with all of the negativity related to the "digital age" and "social media" that some positive can always counteract that.

I'm still in awe and felt this warranted something more from me.  And if this blog post is all I can give, I give it happily!  I hope all of these women know how special they are.




  1. This was incredible. I should have taken a picture of the minivans in was a sight to be seen...
    It was absolutely refreshing to see so much good in people today!!

  2. Never underestimate the power of a Minivan Army!!!