Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing In The New Year

Hooray for 2012!

I love new beginnings so when New Years Eve rolls around I am always excited.  Fresh starts are amazing opportunities.  Some of the things I am looking forward to this year are:

1) I will run a half marathon and full marathon.

2) I will lose 30 more pounds.  This goes hand in hand with number one.

3) I will learn to cook using fresh produce and whole grains.  Processed foods will be limited in this house from now on.  This one will be tough but our bodies will thank me.  I will give up those 5 Hour Energy shots.

4) I will grow my business.

5) I will improve my friendships and cast my net wider for new relationships with new and exciting people.

6) I will take that class to learn how to use my awesome big girl camera.

7) I will learn to knit or crochet.

8) I will repair the relationship with my sister.  I love her.  She was my first best friend and I miss her.

9) I will go to church more.

10) I will be a better mom.

I have many other items on my list that need to be more specific or tweaked.  I'll get to those eventually but these are my top priorities.

By the way, 12 years ago today, my husband and I had our first date.  Just another reason why New Years Eve is so special to me.  I fell in love with my perfect match and started a beautiful family with him.

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  1. Love the list, Mallorie! Keep your readers posted on your progress. Happy New Year!