Saturday, December 17, 2011

Revenge, Mad Housewife style...

Revenge, worthy of The Bloggess' approval (I hope).

Two nights ago, my husband and I had a small spat.  He said something kind of mean, so I (naturally) retaliated like a mature adult.

First, instead of going to the gym, I ran all of the gas out of his car.  I mean, I got it down to 10 miles within empty, so he would have to stop on his way to work.

Second, I programmed all of his XM radio stations to the Studio 54 channel (that's all disco, all the time, bitches).

Third, and this is not so awesome, but whatever.  I re-wrapped his Christmas presents in little boy birthday themed wrapping paper. 

Take that.

He apologized, We are all good now.

But FunJen said I should definitely apologize for the disco channels.


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