Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Am A More Evolved Life Form Than My Husband...

...and I have proof.

My husband browses through my Facebook page.  When I say browsing, I mean he uses my account to find old friends (girlfriends), etc.   He will occasionally notice what some of his employees type in their status updates too (to the ones I am friends with, I'm so sorry and watch out) .  He does not snoop, trust me.  We aren't that couple.  I swear.  Anyway, I said to him "Why don't you just start your own Facebook page?  Its really easy," (he is 40ish and typed his college papers on a typewriter, if you are a youngin' reading this, it really happened.  We didn't have computers).  His reply?  "Facebook is for freaks."

Um, ok?  Whatever.  It isn't a battle I would choose.  I accepted it as one of his quirks.  Well, yesterday we were discussing my awesome-totally-badass-BFF that you will hear a lot about in this blog (FunJen) and something about where she went to college, because there is some major shit going down there.  Anyway, so we were discussing this news story and here is how the conversation went:

Husband: Oh, did you hear about %$#@&*^ waiving his trial? (I changed this sentence to protect my totally badass friend from shitty comments)

Me: Oh, yes, FunJen said something about it on Twitter.

Husband: Oh.  Does she twit?

Me: What the hell?  (laughing so hard I'm snorting)  Its Tweet, honey.

Husband: Whatever.

In order to evolve as humans, we have to change.  My husband has no desire whatsoever to learn anything about social networking.  I googled "hashtags, and how to use them" when I signed up for Twitter.  If I cannot find it on the Internet, I'll ask my 20 year old niece (she can keep a secret) or my teenage nephews.  Which by the way, are in their "stupid decision making sexual prime", so I use Facebook to make sure they aren't doing anything stupid that will wreck their lives.  Social networking is good, folks.

I use it to promote my blogs, increase my business, stalk my exes, keep in touch with other busy moms, stalk my exes, find and register for awesome races...you get it.

Anyway.  My point is, I am more evolved (take that, honey, women are better) than my husband because he absolutely refuses to social network at all, or even learn.  I did, and do, or whatever.  Maybe there is hope for him yet because he did start texting (ha, "texting" was not even in spellcheck) this year.

Have a wonderful day!  And Happy Running!


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  1. In response to this blog, I have several comments.

    (1) yes, I am pretty awesome

    (2) I only recently started tweeting and before that I was totally against it. For me, Twitter is primarily a news media outlet. I follow CNN, WTOP traffic, the local news - I like how it keeps me updated all the time on what's going on.

    (3) Everyone loves stalking their exs. What people forget to do is stalk themselves. Google yourselves, people! See what comes up. You might not like what information is available about you.

    (4)Regarding #3, I'm reconsidering my presence on all these social networking sites.

    (5) Sandusky, although technically innocent until proven guilty, is a disgrace to Penn Staters everywhere. Words cannot express how heartbroken the entire Penn State community is by what has happened at our school which has always prided itself on our reputation of integrity. What I can say is this, the handful of people directly involved in the "scandal" do not act as representatives for the 557,000 living alumni who continue to hold their heads high and represent Penn State with integrity. If there is any bright point to this entire tragedy, I can only hope that the high profile of this case will open a dialog about the enormous problem of sexual abuse -- 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18. That's a lot of people. That's someone you know.

    (6) Obviously, there is no changing the past. And all the regret in the world isn't going to undo the failure to fully investigate this case when people first had suspicious of wrong-doing. Nothing is going to "make it right." But for anyone who is interested in doing something to help make things better for the future is welcome to join the Proud PSU for RAINN campaign. Visit http://www.rainn.org/ProudPSUforRAINN or Text PSU4RAINN to 20222 to make a $10 donation to the Rape, Incest, and Abuse National Network (RAINN) is the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE and the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline at rainn.org, and publicizes the hotline's free, confidential services; educates the public about sexual assault; and leads national efforts to prevent sexual assault, improve services to victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice.

    Sorry for such a long comment.