Friday, December 9, 2011

AMAZING friends.

I am dealing with a delicate situation regarding my child at my house right now and have some really crappy feelings: guilt, a little depression and fear.  I lean on my best friends during these times, and let me tell you, I have some ass-kicking, amazing friends.  I thought this reply to my "pity-party/bad feelings/venting" was awesome.  It is what my best girl friend said to me (during our daily FB chats):

he has two amazing parents who love him
look at all the shit you two had to go through to get him
it's not like you just got drunk and forgot to wear a condom one night and were like, well ok i guess i'll have a kid.
he gets to spend his whole life knowing that his parents really really wanted him
I love her so much, and thought this warranted its own blog post.  I hope everyone out there has a friend like this.  It makes life easier.  And this particular friend has actually made my life a hell of a ride. Love you, FJFC!

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