Monday, December 5, 2011

Washington DC Hot Chocolate 15/5K

My awesome and fun
running buddy and BFF, Jennifer

We all know what a fiasco this was. I do not have to re-iterate all of the complaints being posted to facebook, yelp, active, and even the Better Business Bureau.

I would like to write about some positives for this race. But believe me, there is no credit due the race organizers for these pros.

First off. I got to spend some nice quality time with my best girlfriend and some of her friends. Which in turn, will probably become my friends in the future once we get to know each other better. You cant have too many friends, in my opinion. We're facebook friends already, so that means we are well on our way.

Me, post race.
Secondly, that quality time was spent without my trying three year old pulling on my clothes, running around screaming, knocking shit over, etc. It was nice and quiet adult conversation. With a few "motherfuckers" thrown in because my kid was no where close to repeat it. And I love that word.

Third, I got to go to a restaurant after the race. A grown up restaurant. Okay, it was a bar, but even better. I had two bloody marys and a beer. I can't do that with my kid around. Okay, I could but someone would surely call child services on me.

Did I mention we had mimosas in the parking deck after the race? That was fun. We toasted to ourselves for surviving our worst race ever.

Happy Running!


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  1. Considering the awfulness of the race, I had an awesome time. I can't wait for our next run! BTW, I heard on WTOP this morning that they are working on a story about the race and want people to contact them. Ram Racing is going to think twice about mucking up a run for DC runners again!