Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TEAM Sparkle

I ran across this group on Twitter.  The word "sparkle" definitely got my attention and they tweet a lot about running, which is my new thing if you haven't guessed.  So I decided to check them out.  I found their facebook page right away.

Before I go on, let me add this little note.  I noticed some really cute girls at The Hot Chocolate 5K rocking some too cute tutus.  My interest was piqued but I quickly forgot about it after that hot mess.

Anyway, back to the story...
TEAM Sparkle is a group of women that promote active lifestyles through running, walking, biking, etc.  I read this about them on their facebook page:

Originally debuted at the Huntington Beach Surf City Marathon, Team Sparkle Running Skirts are poised to take the running world by storm.

Team Sparkle Running Skirts definitely are not the latest & greatest in high-tech athletic gear. Instead they are designed with the “wow” factor in mind…Why just run, when you can sparkle?

When you purchase a sparkle skirt, you join Team Sparkle. A group of wo
men who understand YOU and who YOU are. While wearing your sparkle skirt, not only will your family & friends be able to spot you a mile away, you will (literally!) receive compliments galore, and you will have the confidence that comes with knowing you have Team Sparkle, a collective group of women in all ages, shapes, size & ability, “at your back.”

So go ahead, pull your skirt on & let out your inner sparkle.

And then there is their mission statement (which rocks):

We provide sparklesational running skirts that inspire & motivate women to run... whether it's their 1st, or 100th race.

Everyone is looking for a little motivation from time to time.  Right now, my friend Julie H. says she needs some.  Maybe she will find it with TEAMSparkle.  I'm ordering a skirt, for sure.

And all I have to say is RUN GIRLS RUN!

Be active! 


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  1. The last time I ran it was from a roach. Sigh. :) Also, thanks for leaving a comment on my guest post with Scary Mommy!